The 2nd Global Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition Held in Hangzhou
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    Thepurpose of the competition was to actively respond to the Belt and RoadInitiative, continue to stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative enthusiasmof international students and returnees, and build a social resource dockingplatform of "talent + policy + industry". More than 1,600 people from111 countries signed up for this competition. In the end, 54 teams from morethan 40 universities around the world reached the finals. The final projectsincluded traditional trade, cross-border e-commerce, imported goods, exportgoods, overseas social media marketing, etc. Through project defense andreview, it is expected that 10-20 companies will land in Hangzhou and nearly100 cross-border e-commerce companies achieved the docking services.

By Guangzheng Zhong